Progress Reports and Schedules

These reports provide periodic updates to JNP

Progress Reports and Schedules


JNP SG Minutes_3-11 Jan 18

Draft SG Minutes 2 Aug 17

JNP SG Minutes_1 – 18 Jan 17















































Progress Report 2 – August 2016

Progress Report 1 – May 2016



2018_CPC_Minutes 13th September

2018_CPC_Minutes 12 July w

2018_CPC_Minutes 14 June

Annual Return 2017_18 Part 2

2018_CPC_Annual _MeetingS_Minutes_&_Chairmans_Report

2018_CPC__Minutes 12 April

2018_CPC_Minutes 8 March

2018_CPC Minutes_8th Feb

2018_CPC Minutes 11th Jan

2017_CPC_Minutes 9th November

2017_CPC_Minutes 12th October

2017_CPC_Minutes 14th September

2017_CPC Minutes 13th July

2017_Notice of Audited Annual Return

2017 Notice of Annual Return Inspection Period

2017_CPC_Minutes 15th June

2017_CPC_Minutes APC_11th May

2017_CPC Minutes 13th April

2017_CPC_Minutes 9th March

2017_CPC_Minutes 9 February

2017_CPC_Minuters_12 January

2016_CPC_Minutes 10 November

2016_CPC_Minutes 13_October

2016 CPC_Minutes_15_September

2016_CPC Minutes 11 August

2016 CPC_Minutes_14_July

2016_CPC Minutes_9_June2016_

Annual CPC Minutes_12 May

2016_Annual CPC_Reports to Minutes_12_May

2016_CPC_Minutes 14 April






2015_CPC _Minutes_10_SEPT

2015_CPC_Minutes 13_August


2015_CPC_ Minutes 11 June

2015_CPC _Minutes_14_May

2015_CPC_Minutes 9 April 2015

2015_CPC _Minutes_12_March

2015_CPC_Minutes_ 12 February



2014_CPC_Minutes_October 9 2014